Welcome to the Jeweled Ladies!

Brimstone, Texas, is home of the world-famous Jeweled Ladies. The finest brothel this side of the Mississippi, the Jeweled Ladies is hosted by Mistress. She will be delighted to match you up with a Jewel. No matter what your tastes run to, she has a highly skilled Jewel for you.

"One of the most amazing erotica series I have ever read." - Erin Penn, Goodreads


His Topaz 

(The Jeweled Ladies #1)

His Topaz by Maggie Chase

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Their Emerald 

(The Jeweled Ladies #2)

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Her Ebony

(The Jeweled Ladies #3)

Her Ebony by Maggie Chase

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His Sapphire 

(The Jeweled Ladies #4)

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His Crown Jewel

(The Jeweled Ladies #5)

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The Rogues Series

His Diamond 

(The Rogues #1)

His Diamond cover

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